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15 Black Panther Gifts Under $15

15 Black Panther Gifts Under $15

The Black Panther's Kingdom of Wakanda is a world of riches and gifts, and we're not just talking about the gift of vibranium! When your King is also your greatest warrior (with claws no less!), you know you're doing just fine. Add in a princess who is a genius inventor, some hardcore female bodyguards, and an arch-nemesis with the unbelievably awesome name of "Killmonger," and Wakanda might just be the coolest destination on the map! Marvel's most anticipated Black Panther film has joined the ranks of the Billion Dollar Blockbuster Movies Club. 

Pick gifts featuring characters like the Black Panther, his enemy Erik Killmonger, his sister Shuri, or his Dora Milaje bodyguard, Nakia, and the Queen Mother. If you can't make the trip to Wakanda (they aren't big on visitors), bring a piece of stylized adorable gift home instead!!

1. Black Panther Key Chain

 Black Panther Keychain

2. Black Panther Paracord Survival Bracelet

3. Princess Shuri Cowrie Shell Necklace

4. Black Panther Leather Bracelet

5. Black Panther Marvel Comics Phone Case (Asst.)

6. Black Panther Charm Bracelet

7. Killmonger Gold Necklace

Killmonger Gold Necklace

8. Cute and Cuddly Black Panther Plush Doll


9. Wakandan Royal Ring

10. Dora Milaje-like Necklace


11. Black Panther Etched Claw Chain Pendant Necklace

Black Panther Etched Claw Chain Pendant Necklace

12. Nakia Necklace Set

13. King T'Challa Necklace

14.Black Panther Pillow Cover

15. Black Panther 3D T-Shirts

A representative from the Jabari Tribe . . .

M'Baku's Cup


A representative from Zuri Son of Badu

The Zuri Mug